The Dialysis Experience

Join our #EverydayHeroes in their fight against kidney disease in The Dialysis Experience! You’ll need courage, strength and an open mind!


What do you know about what goes on during and after dialysis?
How long does it take? How comfortable is the chair? How do patients feel after ending treatment?

With an open heart and curious mind, we invite you to join us in this immersive experience where our nurses will take you through the dialysis process from the moment a patient steps into the dialysis centre. For a brief moment, hold your judgment and transpose yourself into the world of a dialysis patient – see what they see, hear what they hear, do what they do, and most importantly, feel what they feel.

Whether you are a student, young adult, working parent, senior, or just any regular man or woman, we invite you to participate in this one-of-a-kind experience, where we seek to honour dialysis patients as #EverydayHeroes, for the strength and resilience they exhibit in the face of living with a debilitating illness, such as kidney failure, by walking in their shoes and see from their perspective.

Estimated time spent is approximately 15 mins per person.

Admission is free, but we strongly encourage you to pre-register with us, as limited slots are available.
Participants who pre-register will also be entitled to a free goodie bag!

[Note: Activity not suitable for kids 12 and below, and for individuals who have trypanophobia.]

This event is organised by the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) in conjunction with World Kidney Day 2019. For enquiries, please contact Ms Jemin Chua at 65592651 / jemin.chua@kdf.org.sg. Visit us at www.kdf.org.sg.
Sun 10 Mar 2019
10:00 - 18:00 SGT
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